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ECO Footprint

  Today the environment is on the top of everyone’s list of concerns. There are many things we do to help create products and procedures that are sustainable and make your life easier. For example, we alleviate the concerns associated with adhering to strict environmental policies by making certain every one of our floors are Lacey Act approved and CARB (California Air Resource Board) compliant. This allows Aurora Hardwood to deliver many of the protected species that most feared would no longer be attainable. In addition, many of our products meet the stringent FSC guidelines.

  Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used as construction material for thousands of years. Bamboo has the ability to mature in 4-6 years and is classified a grass species. The root system remains unharmed therefore allowing regrowth from the network roots. In keeping with our Eco Footprint commitment, the harvesting of bamboo does not affect the decreasing numbers in timber resources.

  Our pursuit for a positive Eco Footprint future begins with our commitment to balanced enviromental, social and economic growth. Our team works to promote sustainability inside and outside of all our facilities. Aurora Hardwood follows a strict code of conduct as we strive to be a transparent and responsible company that our customers can trust. We are dedicated to practicing responsibility as we work for a sustainable future. We strive to develop eco-friendly products, processes and reduce energy consumption troughout all of our day to day operations. At Aurora Hardwood we continue to expand our Eco Footprint strategy and focus on all things green.

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